Wireless sensor networks in precision irrigation

It is estimated that 40% of the fresh-water used for agriculture in developing countries is lost. As aconsequence, a rational agricultural water management becomes compulsory, andmany related issues are waiting for replies from the scientific and industrycommunities. Finding a way to collect and process relevant data in order tomonitor water and other agricultural data in a more efficient manner is both achallenge and a necessity. To do so, we propose to use an emerging technology,by now widely used in developed countries: wireless sensor networks. Thisproject aims at designing and developing an integrated network of sensors foragricultural water management. The system will allow for the collection ofextensive environmental data (temperature, humidity, soil moisture, etc.) thatcan be used to develop a controlled and automated irrigation strategy. Thisproject has a direct socio-economic impact on Algeria and developing countries.Indeed, the developed system should help agriculture managers to establisheconomical and efficient irrigation map throughout the country. It will helpalso farmers to use water supply efficiently to improve the quality andproductivity of their fields.