Title: Exploring Machine Learning to Estimate User Preferences and   Behavior in IoT Enabled Smart Environments.
University : National Higher School of Computer Science (ESI ex. INI).
Supervisor : Djennouri Djamel
Email : z_zerouali@esi.dz


Zeyneb ZEROUALI is currently a PhD student in computer science in the National Higher School of Computer Science (ESI ex. INI), and a member of the WSN “Wireless Sensor Network” group at the Research center for scientific and technical information (CERIST), since January 2019. She is working on the optimal estimation of smart buildings’ occupants preferences and behaviors, using machine learning techniques. She obtained the Master’s degree in “ICT and Management” from the National Institute of Post and Information and Communication Technologies “INPTIC”, after successfully developing an application firewall for the sake of blocking malicious SSL /  TLS VPN. She obtained her license degree in the field of “Telecommunication and computer networks”, where she implemented high availability technologies in an IP / MPLS network.Her research interests cover: smart environments, internet of things, machine learning.