Conferences or Workshops

D.Djenouri, N.Badache. “A study on the energy consumption minimization in mobile ad hoc networks“,The 4th Arabic International Conference on Information Technology (ACIT2003),Alexandria, Egypt 20-23 December 2003.

N.Badache,D.Djenouri, A.Derhab. “Mobility impact on ad hoc routing protocols“,Conference: ACS/IEEE International Conference on Computer Systems and Applications (AICCSA’03), Tunis, Tunisia, 14-18 July 2003.

D.Djenouri, N.Badache. “An Energy Efficientrouting protocol for mobile ad hoc networks“, Conference: The 2nd IFIP Mediterranean Workshop on Ad-Hoc Networks, MED-HOC NET’03, Mahdia Tunisia, June25-27 2003.